Thursday, November 1, 2007 and Personalized Photo Jewelry

Blogging????? Should I waste my time???? Will anyone really read what I have to say???? I guess we'll just wait and see.

I am co-owner of a jewelry company called We are jewelry manufacturers of personalized jewelry. We started off in the late 90's making pendants that people wear around their necks and engraving customers photographs onto them with our engraving machinery. I never expected this big of a response, but around 10-12 years later, we're still making them for our customers and you can find them on our website and retail stores throughout the USA. We originally started making the holographic pendants which are a little difficult to see at all angles, then we came out with a new color laser process which you see to your left. It's a really nice gift for newborns, loved ones, weddings etc.

We started getting requests to have the photos be put inside lockets. In case you didn't know, lockets are basically pendants but they have a hinge and open and close like a door. It seems that putting photos in lockets is a bit of a pain for the "average joe". You have to find someone to size down the photo, then you have to trace around it with the template that the manufacture may or may not provide, then you have to pray to "whomever" that you have a steady and and a good scissor to cut around the paper picture, then hope it fits. Sounds stressful to me. Another problem is that you have to take the locket off before you shower or bathe because the picture may get ruined. aghhh.. Anyway, we came up with the perfect solution for this. Lets laser the photos inside making it permanent! It seems so simple. This makes the photo absolutely editable. We can remove the backgrounds, move people close together, remove unwanted object, fix your hair on a bad hair day. AND!!!! The quality is excellent. It's waterproof and scratch proof. It's really a keepsake that can be treasured forever and past down, and I'm not just saying that. People are purchasing them every single day and are absolutely loving them. It feels good to be part of a solution to a problem that has been probably going o for 100's of years. Lockets have been around for 100's of years, so I could imagine what my great great grandmother did at the time. We now offer a bunch of 14k gold and Sterling silver ockets that can be purchased with or without photos on our site. I've hand selected most of them, so I consider myself somewhat of a locket guru. Here is the link to them: lockets

Well, that's all for my post for now. I'm going to try and post as much as possible and maybe post some of our newer. It's actually a little soothing for me. I'm pretty experienced in the jewelry industry so if anyone has any questions just let me know.